Upper Hutt,  New Zealand

Heretaunga Rotary

Active Internationally

The club is able to support, through financial donations, a number of activities of Rotary International overseas. These include donations to charities that are working in other countries and in support of disaster relief agencies around the world.  In addition the club has its own Books to the Islands project.

Polio Plus

Rotary International has been active in the, nearly-achieved,  world-wide eradication of Polio.  This has been in conjunction with some partner organisations and with the assistance of Rotarians from around the world.  

Emergency Reponse Kits

An Emergency Response Kit is intended for use in civil disasters in developing countries, to assist families survive the first days following a disaster. With a kit and a little ingenuity, a family is able to construct a basic shelter, clothe themselves and find food from the land/sea for several days. The Club normally donates two of these kits per year.

Books to the Islands

An extension to our highly successful Bookfest fundraiser is sending quality, left-over, books to schools in the Pacific Islands.  This project is in conjunction with other clubs in the district doing the same thing.

Shelter Boxes

Each year the club funds one or two boxes which can be deployed anywhere in the world where disaster strikes.